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Membrane Technology

Membrane based technologies are a strictly physical method for the separation of substances from aqueous solutions, with the membrane functioning like a filter.

Membrane processes are subdivided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and

reverse osmosis according to the charge and molecular mass of the separable sub-



The principle is quite simple: a semi-permeable membrane acts as a very specific filter that will let water flow through, while it catches suspended solids and other substances.

Certain substances can pass through the membrane, while other substances are rejected.

There are various methods to enable substances to penetrate a membrane. Examples of these methods include the application of high pressure, and the maintenance of a concentration gradient on both sides of the membrane.

A.B.E.membrane based systems are key components in our Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) operations.

A.B.E. will design, build and install your membrane based system to meet and exceed your requirements. Our systems can be used as an alternative to other separation methods such as evaporation, adsorption and absorption, chemical separation or distillation. In our Zero Liquid Discharge facilities, a combination of these technologies are normally required as part of the overall strategy



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