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Nanofiltration is a pressure driven membrane process with performance characteristics between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. Nanofiltration membranes reject large molecules, and is an excellent energy savings process over reverse osmosis for purifying well water and surface water up to 2000 TDS where the high salt content is due to divalent ions.


Examples of NF Applications 





Benefits of NF

Whey / Whey Permeate

Salty wastewater

Desalted whey concentrate

Allows the recovery of lactose and whey protein concentrate with reduced salt content



Water, salts, BOD, COD and color

NF is used to desalt  dyes resulting in a higher value product

Caustic cleaning solutions

Caustic cleaning solution

BOD, COD, SS, caustic cleaner

Allows caustic cleaning solution to be recycled resulting in reduced cleaning chemical costs

Recycle of acid solutions

Acid solution

BOD, COD, SS, calcium, acidic water

Allows acid solution to be recycled resulting in reduced cleaning chemical costs


Softened water

Hard water

Potable water production. Softened water reduces scaling on equipment and heat exchange surfaces


Salty waste product

Desalted, concentrated Antibiotics

NF produces high value pharmaceutical products

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