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Ultrafiltration is an excellent membrane technology for removing very fine particles, microorganisms and organics as small as 1000 molecular weight. Ultrafiltration is used for a pretreatment for reverse osmosis, as a oil/water separator, to remove organic contaminants and to provide high quality filtration for industrial applications. UF is a low pressure (5 - 150 psig) process for separating larger size solutes from aqueous solutions by means of a semi-permeable membrane.

UF Applications:



Concentrate (Retentate)

Benefits of UF

Potable Water

Removes turbidity, SS,
large viruses, bacteria


Removal of bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium and viruses

Oily Wastewater

Oil reduced to < 50 mg/L

Metal hydroxides, SS

Concentrated oil emulsion for waste disposal

Electrocoat Paint

Water, dissolved salts and solvents

Water, paint resins and pigments

Recovers paint resins and pigments


Lactose and salts

Protein concentrate

Protein concentration at lower energy cost than evaporation.


Lactose and salts

Whey Protein
Concetrate (WPC)

Protein concentration at lower energy cost than evaporation.

Reuse of
municipal water

Water free of SS,
bacteria and viruses

Water, particulates

Polishes biologically treated municipal effluent for discharge, reuse, or feed to reverse osmosis

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