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Industrial Evaporators

A.B.E.’s industrial Zero Level Discharge (ZLD) products and solutions excel in energy efficiency and are environmentally friendly. A.B.E. applies its experience and extensive technological expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of fully integrated systems using the Best Available Technology to fit your economic envelopment. 

From our experience in the design and manufacturing of energy-efficient, environmental-friendly water and waste water treatment equipment, we have develop
ed and patented a unique concentrator for wastewater effluent containing hard scale-forming compounds and a wide variety of other contaminants.


A.B.E.'s Industrial Evaporator units are designed for utilities, chemical processes, pulp and paper and other industries. These units offer a cost effective solution for waste water problems, particularly in installations where water recovery or zero discharge of liquids is required.


A.B.E. offers two types of Industrial Evaporators:


  • Mechanical Vapor Recompression Evaporator (MVC), electrically driven.
  • Waste Heat Evaporator (WHE), driven by waste heat from your process or steam plant




A.B.E.'s zero discharge solutions are applicable for industrial plant effluent treatment, waste water reclamation and recycling in industrial plants. A.B.E. will tailor the right process to your specific industrial waste treatment ne
eds, some examples of which are summarized as follows:


  • Pulp & Paper - Water recycling waste volume reduction up to zero discharge.
  • Utilities - Concentration of blow-downs, brines, regeneration effluents and wastes.
  • Mines - Mine saline water concentration.
  • Chemical Process Industries - Recovery of chemical and effluent concentration to a minimum waste discharge.
  • Oil Fields - Produced (formation) water treatment in steam enhanced oil wells.
  • Electroplating - Waste water recovery and minimizing disposal costs.



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