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Waste Heat Evaporators

Our Patented Waste Heat Evaporators (WHE's) are the ultimate in energy efficiency, capturing waste heat from your facility to produce condensate at rates between 3 LPM to 5,000 LPM.

High temperature evaporation of water from industrial wastes presents several challenges including corrosion, scaling, deposit build-up and emission concerns. The ABE WHE addresses these concerns by operating at low temperatures, between 50-60°C. Heat transfer is from hot or warm gas to water.


The key benefits of the TAF evaporators are simplicity and energy efficiency, with key features summariz
ed as follows: 

  • Robust falling film system
  • Excellent product quality, short retention time
  • Atmospheric operation
  • Efficient non-clogging liquid distribution system
  • Reduced load on pollution equipment

Evaporator Process Description

Waste heat and wastewater enter at the top of the evaporator. Wastewater is distribut
ed as a thin film across the large evaporator fill surface area. The thin liquid film flows down the evaporator fill, assisted by an induced draft.


The TAF-ABE falling film evaporator produces thinner films than a rising film evaporator for any given set of conditions.  This gives rise to shorter residence times and a further improvement over the rising film types in heat transfer. Concentrated wastewater is separated from the vapor in the bottom liquid chamber of the evaporator, recombined with additional feed and re-circulated through the top of the evaporator,whereas combustion gases are scrubbed and become part of concentrate.


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