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Volatile & Semi Volatile Contaminants in Wastewater Streams

The presence of organic micro-contaminants in wastewater streams is an issue of significant environmental concern, because these wastewater streams are ultimately reclaim
ed for potable use.


At the present time, many wastewater treatment methods are no longer capable of satisfying increasingly stringent discharge requirements, designed for the protection of our water supplies.


Organic micropollutants with high potential toxic effects include volatile and semi-volatile hydrocarbons (including Benzene) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). These organic micropollutants occur in wastewaters produced by a wide variety of industries.



The A.B.E. ExtractoFlow System – Comparison to Current Technologies

Solvent extraction is an operation known for a long time and widely utiliz
ed in every field of industry. Material transport can take place between the liquid to liquid or vapor to liquid phase, combinations.

The A.B.E. ExtractoFlow system accelerates and improves VOC and PAH extraction efficiency by combining a Vaporization Chamber with a Liquid-Liquid Extractor. In contrast to conventional air strippers, emissions are completely eliminat
ed using our Vaporization Chamber design.

Our dual phase design features an optimiz
ed extraction efficiency, unmatched by other technology. This robust process can easily manage significant variation in micro-contaminant residuals, enabling your facility to consistently meet all current discharge requirements. Call A.B.E. Environmental Technologies to discuss your process requirements.



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