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VOC & PAH Extraction


Organic extractions from wastewater have traditionally been very labor intensive, time consuming, typically require significant capital investment, very expensive to maintain and operate.


Fortunately, A.B.E. Environmental Technologies in association with TAF Industrial Consulting has developed a low-energy, dual-phase, extraction system for the treatment of wastewater contaminated with volatile & semi-volatile aromatics.


A key advantage of the Vaporization Chamber is that microcontaminants are completely isolated and extracted within the closed chamber. There are no emissions.


Contact time between the wastewater/extractant liquid pair is shortened significantly by first atomizing and dispersing the wastewater into a fully isolated Vaporization Chamber. A unique DOW adsorbant resin captures the microcontaminants. The uniqe structure of the Dow adsorbant resin allows for complete regeneration and collection of the microcontaminants including benzene, toluene and over 50 other volatile and semi-volatile aromatics.



    The TAF-ABE Vaporization Chamber


This economical and efficient dual phase extraction process can be customized to suit your specific wastewater treatment requirements, reducing PAH, volatile & semi-volatile microcontaminants to satisfy Regulatory Compliance.


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