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BioFree System

1. Description

The A.B.E. BIOFREE UF system is a duplex water purification system containing two ultrafiltration modules capable of producing potable quality water from most surface and ground water supplies. The system is fully automatic and requires only a feed pump and simple piping connections. It is a self cleaning system that requires minimal maintenance. The system is capable of supplying up to 17.5 gallons ( 67 litres) per minute of fresh clean bacteria free water continuously. The system is supplied with a pressure tank to ensure that fresh clean pressurized water is used during the cleaning cycle extending the life of the UF module.


2. Product features

The BIOFREE system completely removes rust, bacteria, viruses, colloids, sediment, grit, suspended matter and other impurities while keeping healthy dissolved minerals naturally present in the water. The wall mount design saves space and is easy to install.

The microcomputer automatically initiates and controls the backwash program, prolonging the life of membrane and reduces operation cost. A bright LCD display allows for convenient access to the control programming to adjust the system cleaning frequency or to check the system status.

The system can also be placed into an extended cleaning cycle in the event that severe fouling has occurred.

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